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Hip Hop for Adults and Teens

Dance Classes

Dance Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet

Participants in our Ballet Program learn progressively in a formal class environment.  Instructor Mr. Edmund Hubbard's extensive background in American Ballet Theatre informs his class-time emphasis on fundamental technique, with a dynamic and modern understanding of classical ballet within the context of the 21st Century. All classes direct students in proper alignment and positioning, appropriate technique, classical terminology, musicality, and performance etiquette. 

Preschool and Kindergarten Dance

​This program introduces young pupils to a joyful, positive form of expressive dance.  Have fun while exploring movement concepts, developing dance skills, strengthening the body and brain, and interacting with others in these pre-dance classes. A gentle introduction to the world of dance in a program for young learners. 

Contemporary Dance

An elegant fusion of ballet jazz and, modern dance elements, our Contemporary Dance classes are taught by Ms. Laura. Students will work on their fundamental dance technique, learn engaging choreography and develop artistic expression through movement. Contemporary Dance is sometimes confused with Modern Dance and shares some common roots, but doesn't confine itself to the same rules or structure. Both Contemporary and Modern Dance require previous dance experience. 


A Great American dance style that encompasses African and European roots while embracing popular and jazz music. From Broadway to New Orleans and all the way to Homer, Alaska, this dance style takes students on a journey through America past and present using isolations, turns, leaps, jazz squares, kick lines, and the ever-popular "jazz hands."

Novice Dance

New to dance but not new to life? Or has it been a while since you danced and you wish you could pick it up again? We would like to offer a class for teens looking to start anew. Let us know if you would like to join!

Dance Class Schedule


  • Tuition is an annual fee divided into equal monthly payments.

  • Tuition does not include any scheduled school closures or breaks. Please refer to calendar here.

  • Tuition total remains the same, whether there are five lessons/classes in the month or three.

  • Tuition total is NOT related to the number of lessons/classes in the month.

  • Tuition payments include tax and are made via scheduled recurring credit card payments.

  • For complete policies, please refer to the HSMD handbook.

Register before August 1 for our Early Bird Rates

Preschool and Kinder Dance*

$60 Monthly Tuition Installment 

Academic Dance Class*


Pre-Pointe/Pointe Technique Program*

$180 Monthly Tuition Installment 

Multiple class/student discounts apply. 

*Does not include recital fees

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