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Why should my child have music or dance lessons? 


The benefits of music and dance education are well-documented and more numerous than we can explain here.  Music education affects student performance in language, math, critical thinking and reasoning, just to name a few positives. A student doesn't have to be a concert musician or a prima ballerina to benefit from music and dance education. We encourage you to look for a way to bring music or dance into your child's life any way you can, whether through lessons at HSMD or elsewhere.

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How do I register?

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Frequently Asked Questions       

  • What's the deal with masks (and other COVID questions)?
    For the 2022-23 School Year, masks are optional for students and visitors. Masks will be required at Preregistration in April, however. Families may request that instructors wear a mask during classes or lessons and we will accommodate all such requests. Capacity restrictions on dance classes are now lifted. Lobbies remain closed to observers, though entering to drop off or pick up students has resumed. Still a symptom-free campus as always! For the 2021-22 School Year, masks are required during moderate or high rates of community spread. They will not be required during school performances. We have capped class sizes at 50% capacity to allow for social distancing and our lobbies are closed except for essential business. As before COVID, we are a symptom-free campus. Masks will be required at Preregistration in April.
  • How do I register for a dance class?
    Summer Classes are available for online registration on our Summer Session page. All other dance classes require a quick visit to our office. You can make an appointment by emailing, texting 299-7042 or stopping by our location in the Beluga Professioinal Center during regular office hours. To save time during your visit, check out our Registration Page.
  • How do I sign up for music lessons?
    Summer Music Lessons are available for online registration on our Summer Session page. All other music lessons require a quick visit to our office. You can make an appointment by emailing, texting 299-7042 or stopping by our location in the Beluga Professioinal Center during regular office hours. Save time before your visit by checking out our Registration Page.
  • How do I know which dance class is right for my student?
    We recommend starting by knowing which genre of dance is most appealing to your student. We have descriptions on our Dance Page, and below are some links to examples of the dance style by established choreographers and performers. Our Schedule page also lists which age group is eligible for each class and notes whether previous dance experience is required. Which Dance style is which: Tap Dance Jazz Dance Hip Hop Contemporary Classical Ballet Modern Dance
  • How old should my child be to start music lessons?
    Different instruments are appropriate for different ages and different personalities. Sometimes it is better to assess each student's readiness individually. We can offer some general guidelines to help you in your decisions, however. People of all ages benefit from having music in their lives. For infants and toddlers we recommend that parents spend time singing and playing music with them at home and in the car. Music in the home gives a student the best headstart in the arts. Piano is a great instrument to start with for any student who is in elementary school or older. Yes, we do accept adult piano students as wel! Ukulele is also a good instrument for younger students, about 6 years old or older, and a lot of fun to play. For students not-quite-ready for guitar, this is an excellent alternative. Yes, we accept adult ukulele students as well. Guitar can begin as early as 8 with a motivated learner. As with violin, we recommend having a suitably sized instrument to learn on. You can contact the office to learn more about what is right for you. Yes, we do accept adult guitar students. Violin students benefit from being closer to 7 or 8 when they begin. Stringed instruments in general take a little more persistance to learn the basics and waiting that extra year to start can sometimes make all the difference. We suggest parents contact the office before purchasing a violin, as having one appropriate to the students' needs can make a world of difference. Sorry, we do not accept adult violin students at this time. Voice students can start choir in 1st grade. This is an excellent group music activity that exposes students to the basics of vocal technique and music fundamentals. Individual lessons don't usually begin until students' voices are more developed at around 10 years of age. Yes, we do accept adult voice students.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer discounts for multiple lessons and multiple students. These rates are available in the School Handbook. All rates are a monthly tuition installment plan based upon the number of classes and lessons registered for. Your tuition installment does not change from month-to-month regardless of the number of lessons in a given month. Annual Enrollment: $60/student or $140/family. This is a once-yearly fee due at the time of enrollment. Students 4 and under are not charged an AE fee. Dance Classes: Preschool classes are $60/monthly tuition installment Dance courses are $76/monthly tuition installment Family and multiple-class discounts are provided. Some dancewear is usually required for classes. Music Lessons: 30 minute lessons are $127/monthly tuition installment 45 minute lessons are $172/monthly tuition installment 60 minute lessons are $221/monthly tuition installment Multiple lesson and family discounts are provided. Recital Fees: Recitals are free to all wishing to attend (parents, grandparents, friends, acquaintances!). There is no fee for music recital participants. Dance recital fees are for the cost of costumes and theater rehearsal time.
  • Why is my tuition the same every month even when there are more lessons/classes in some months than others?
    Tuition is paid on a monthly installment plan. This means we divide the cost of a full-year's tuition by 10 monthly installments (August through May) to ensure an affordable and predictable rate for parents.
  • What time are dance classes?
    You can check out our schedule on the Dance Classes page. For updated announcements regarding rescheduled classes, be sure to check the dance studio lobby, and your email inbox. You can also check with the office if you have any questions.
  • What time are music lessons?
    Once you are registered with the Harbor School, we can schedule your weekly appointment with your instructor. Each instructor's availbility varies, so it is best to contact the office with any questions regarding what times are available. Lessons are scheduled on weekdays between 10AM and 6PM, with most instructors available in the after-school hours.
  • What if I can't make one of my lessons or classes?
    If you need to cancel a lesson or if you are going to miss a dance class, please email the office or text the office cell phone with your dates of absence. Instructors can reschedule two lessons per year with their students. Dance classes cannot be made up. Tuition is not credited for missed classes or lessons. Three unexcused absences in a row will result in the cancellation of a student's enrollment in the school. Should you need to withdraw for an extended period of time, please contact the office immediately, as we require a 30 day written notice of intent to withdraw from the school.
  • How do I withdraw from a class or music lessons?
    There is a required 30 day notice to withdraw from music lessons, dance classes or the After School Arts Program. Please visit the office during regular office hours and request a Withdrawal Form in order to ensure a complete withdrawal from the Harbor School of Music & Dance. Students who re-enroll after withdrawing from the school must pay an additional Annual Enrollment Fee. Only currently enrolled students in good standing are allowed priority enrollment and participation in the Spring Recitals.
  • When is the Spring Recital?
    We hold a series of recitals every May. Dates for each school year are noted on the School Calendar. Music students are expected to participate in just one recital, with the time of the recital assigned by their instructor. There are no required rehearsals for music students. Dance students who are participating in the Spring Recital will have rehearsals during the week leading up to the Dance Recital. Dates for rehearsals are communicated in April. Please visit our Spring Dance Recital page for more information.
  • It's a holiday. Is there still class?
    Planned school closures can be found in the School Calendar. We do close for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break and Spring Break, but dates vary each year. Most other holidays, we still hold lessons and classes. The After School Arts Program follows its own calendar, found here. Weather related and other unplanned closures are reported on Facebook first. We will then endeavor to contact students by other means. When in doubt, you can email or text the office. Please ensure your student safely enters the building every time you bring them to their lesson or class! We try to communicate closures or cancellations clearly and in advance, but mistakes do happen and we cannot be responsible for unattended students who are left at a closed school! Notices regarding rescheduled classes will be posted in the lobby. Please check bulletins regularly.

How to contact us: 


Phone: (907)235-6705 

Text: (907)299-7042

How to Find Us: We are in the Beluga Professional Center, two units over from SPROUT

How to Find Us: We are in the Beluga Professional Center, two units over from SPROUT

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