Black Beans

Welcome to the Harbor Barter Booth

Students earn beans by attending lessons and classes, practicing their music or dance and being prepared for their classes. Teachers may award bonus beans for special assignments or accomplishments. 

Round 1: Collect 30 beans by February 26 to earn a prize bag (available for pick up March 1-5) 

Round 2: Ending April 30, students can trade their beans for a prize of their choice. (Available for pick up at recitals or during the week of May 10-14). 

How does it work? 
Are there actual beans? Your teacher will keep track of your bean count in their attendance log and you can keep track in your printable bean counter sheet if you want as well. We recommend using stickers or drawing beans in each box to help you keep track of your beans. 

How do students earn beans? 

Attend your music lessons, fundamentals or dance classes = 1 bean 

Wear your dance attire to class = 1 bean 

Practice each week = 1 bean 

Teacher bonus beans are for extra work or assignments vary.