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Spring Music Recitals at Homer High School's Mariner Theatre
Sunday May 19, 2024

Music Recital Prep Class is open to all music students at HSMD. Class is Saturday, May 11 at the Harbor School (in the dance studio). 

Recital Prep Class

1:00 PM Saturday, May 18

Hank A. 

Brahm C. 

Silas J. 

Zephan J. 

Adelyn Mc

Andon Mc 

Kade Mc

Janice P. 

Ceilidh P. 

Christy P. 

Duncan P.

Patrick P. 

Lukas R. 

Frida R.

Jack David V. 

Hadassah V. 

Jade S. 

2:30 PM Saturday, May 18

Alyeska A. 

Matthew B.

Hayden C. 

Brenna C. 

Caitlin G. 

Emilee G. 

Austin G. 

Nevaeh G. 

Esme G. 

Jessie H.

Morgan H. 

Liam J. 

Thea J. 

​Carly N.

Anna S. 

Aurora S. 

Fenwick B

4:00 PM Saturday, May 18

Abbie B.

Reilly B. 

Gabe B. 

Will B. 

Ben E. 

Charlotte F. 

Janaya G. 

Alexis M. 

Alectra M. 

Rachel M. 

Elsa P. 

Sarah R. 

Eli R.

Evan P. 

Ethan P.  

Jade S. 

Ethan S.

Ireland S. 

Caitlin G. 

Emilee G. 

Dance Rehearsals

Dance Recital: Rehearsals and Performance at HHS Mariner Theatre

ALL REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES ARE AT THE MARINER THEATRE (Homer High School) . Students should be in costume with and ready to warm up on stage at the rehearsal starting time.  You can pick up your costume at your student’s final class before rehearsal.

Thursday, May 16, 4:00 PM the following classes have rehearsal:

Hip Hop 1

Preballet (Tuesday)

Jazz 1 

Lyrical HomeSchool

Tap 1

Tap HomeSchool

Ballet IA

Ballet IB

Ballet IIA 

Contemporary Dance

 Amanda's Tap classes 

Please note that there is NO THURSDAY HIP HOP, JAZZ, TAP, BALLET III, CLASS THIS WEEK. There is Monday Ballet III. 

Friday, May 17, 4:00 PM the following classes have rehearsal: Ballet IIB

Ballet III

Lyrical Monday

Hip Hop HomeSchool

Hip Hop 2

 Jazz 2

 Jazz 3


Maura's Tap

Solo Dancers

Please note that there is NO BALLET IB, BALLET IIA, BALLET IIB, TAP HS, LYRICAL HS, OR CONTEMPORARY DANCE THIS FRIDAY. Ballet IIA and IIB have class on Tuesday. 



All dancers should arrive by 9AM and be ready for warm ups IN COSTUME by 9:30 AM. 

A NOTE ABOUT HAIR AND MAKEUP: Students (male and female) are encouraged to wear some makeup on stage to counteract the powerful stage lights. Younger students should wear subtle tones, including a light pink lipstick. Students in Ballet III, Jazz 3, and Contemporary are allowed a red lipstick. 
Hip Hop 1 students will have a cap to wear onstage and should have hair otherwise confined to prevent being a distraction. 
ALL OTHER CLASSES: Hair should be in a low bun with a side part on the left side. 
See a makeup tutorial here. 
See a hair tutorial here. 
Dance Recital

Sunday, May 19, Dance Performance, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Free to all attendees and open to the public. 
2:00 PM Call and 2:30 PM Warm Up for ALL DANCERS.  


Volunteers: We will be letting students sit in the auditorium for rehearsals this year. Students needing assistance with costume changes should have a parent with them backstage. We do need one parent for each class backstage during the recital itself. We would love to have some volunteers to help us with clean up on Sunday after the recital, too. Thank you!

Choir and Musical Theater

Kaleidoscope Dates (All at HHS)

Audition Monday April 29, Time TBA

Rehearsal May 5 2pm to 6pm 

Rehearsal May 9 4:15 pm to 8pm 

Show May 10 6pm  Call

Final Performance 

Rehearsal: May 14 (at HSMD)

Show: May 15 at HHS (6:30 PM Warmups at High School

Wardrobe: Dressy apparel

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