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Welcome Back!

What a great start to the year! We are happy to have everyone back and hope you all had a great summer. In the meantime, just a few housekeeping reminders:

1. Yes, we have class on Labor Day. Let us know if you will be out of town:

2. This year your payments are not posted in the Parent Portal. We can get our homeschool students itemized receipts by using WaveApps and we hope that it saves everyone some time. You should see your annual total posted in the Parent Portal in the near future, but at the moment, it is only being used for scheduling dance classes and communicating with the school.

3. If your music lesson appointment reminders are listing an odd hour for your lesson, check to make sure that you have your Google calendar set to our time zone.

4. Our next Dancewear order date is September 28. Fittings will be from 3pm to 7pm that Friday.

5. Homer Children's Choir starts on Tuesday, Sepember 11 at 6:15pm. The choir is open to students in grade 1 through 8. Registration is available in the Parent Portal, or you can message the office to enroll your student.

6. Group Music Class is open to all elementary students currently enrolled in private music lessons at HSMD. Class is Fridays, 4:45 to 5:30 and is only $15/month (and a lot of fun!). You can register in the Parent Portal or by messaging the office.

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