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In order to streamline the costume ordering process for our dance students, we are splitting the costume fee into two payments. The first installment is due November 1. Please be aware that we are accepting CHECKS ONLY this year as all costuming is being handled by one of our favorite people, Lu Lovelace, and are not being processed via our tuition payment system.

A quick FAQ:

How much is due right now? $30 per student, per class. For most of the school, it's pretty straightforward. For example: If you have three kids in one class each, that's $90. If you have one kid in three classes, that's $90. If you only have one kid in one class, just $30.

Are ALL classes in the recital? No! We have no expectation that our preschool classes will be in the recital, so there are no fees due from Twinkle Toes or Fairytale Dance at this time.

What if I can't afford all the deposits right now? Come talk to the office. We are happy to help with alternative payment plans.

What if I'm not ready to commit to a Spring Recital yet? Can I just order later? Late deposits will be increased by $10/class to defray additional administrative costs. Late final costume payments will be charged shipping costs in addition to any remaining fees. Please note that most companies only ship the costumes FedEx and these costs will vary by company.

How many forms do I need to complete? One per class or one per student?

One form PER STUDENT. Please list all classes your student is enrolled in and your contact information. You can pay with ONE CHECK PER FAMILY however.

Where is the form and where do I bring it? You can download and print current dance recital deposit forms on our Dance Classes Page. Please return to the school office with a check made out to The Harbor School of Music & Dance.

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