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It's recital time at the Harbor School of Music & Dance!

Let's start out by saying that all recitals are FREE and open to the public. Come and watch any of the recitals listed and invite friends and family to watch yours too!

Dance Students:

We have rehearsals on May 16, May 17, and May 18. Details regarding rehearsal times and attire can be found here.

The Spring Dance Recital is Sunday, May 19. Audience members should be seated by 3:00 p.m.

We need your help: Volunteers are needed to help steam costumes, assist backstage during the recital and maybe just a little sewing in the next two weeks. Email Rachel if you can help with any of this.

Music Students:

Tim's guitar students and their siblings are scheduled for a 1:00 PM recital.

Sarah's students and their siblings are scheduled for a 2:30 PM recital.

Joel and Tia's student's may select their preferred time slot.

Remember to bring your music and instrument (if appropriate) and arrive 15 minutes prior to your recital time, in dress attire.

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