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It's All in the BAND

Harbor School Families, we are making the switch official! From here on out, all school-wide notices will be posted in our Group on the BAND app.

What is it? The BAND is a free app available on mobile devices which allows us to schedule events (like school closures), notify of updates (like class time changes) or ask questions of the entire school at once without having to fight our way through spam filters.

Why are we switching? Last year, nearly 1/3 of all emails remained unread by parents. This lead to a lot of extra time spent communicating information to families whose spam filters weren't letting through our emails. This free app ensures that everyone in the group gets the same information at the same time.

What do families need to do? If you already have the app and have joined our group, Thank you! Keep an eye on it for updates. If you still need the app, visit on your mobile device to join our group (The Harbor School of Music & Dance). If you have any trouble with the app, come by the office and we will do our best to help you.

What if I don't have a mobile device? You can visit the band website at

to check for updates.

What can I do with the app? You can chat with the office using the chat function, ask general questions about a post so everyone can see the answer, upload pictures to the photo album to share with fellow Harbor School families, add events posted to your personal calendar and more.

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