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Wow! Registration is Here Already!

We open enrollment for the 2022-23 School Year this Saturday! We are excited to go back to having full-capacity studios so more kids get to dance and play music at the Harbor School. For currently enrolled families, your Priority Pre-registration Period is Saturday, April 30 from 11AM to 2PM. For families on our waitlist and email list, your registration period is 2PM to 4PM. To learn more about what next year will look like at the Harbor School, visit our Dance Classes page. To save time on Preregistration Day, visit our Registration page . To find out answers to your burning or even lukewarm questions, visit our FAQ page.

And here we are, saving the best for last: Register on our Priority Registration Day and you will receive our Early Bird rates!

Psssst....Are you a current student? Don't forget to check the BAND app for information about our Spring Dance Recital and our Music Recital Preparatory Classes (hint: one of these things is happening on Saturday, too)!


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